About OIG

Oman Industries Gypsum LLC

Oman industries Gypsum LLC “OIG” is a limited liability company with commercial registration number (1023823) was awarded an exploration license by Ministry of Commerce and industries in November 2013. Oman Gypsum has commenced the quarry development work since 2015 in the mining license area and did its first shipment in Nov 2015. OIG also known as Oman Gypsum Company is a leading Gypsum mining company based in Salalah, Oman. Gypsum found at our locations is of the finest quality and purity among other suppliers. We have pure raw mining gypsum aggregates ranging from 0-50 mm Sizes which are fully exported to various countries. Oman Gypsum (OIG) major export markets are Vietnam, India, Bangladesh & Indonesia. Oman Gypsum Co. has exported over 3 Million metric tons of Gypsum to several countries around the world.

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Natural Gypsum

We are the leading company in sultanate of oman which supplies Natural Gypsum. Raw gypsum quarry stock more than 30 million MT.

Gypsum Powder

Oman industries Gypsum is the ideal choice for remodeling and repair works, and for the creation of beautiful cornices and decorations

Lime Stone

Limestone powder has many natural uses as well as commercial ones. Commercial- ly, limestone powder is used in antacids as filler in various industry,